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Hoftronics Conveyer System B&H of New York City, NY has been serving imaging markets for more than twenty-five years and is a leading mail-order source for photo, video, pro audio and digital photography equipment and supplies. Through all those years their goal has been to deserve the trust of their customers. To do this they knew they would have to offer competitive pricing, along with being determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with the best service before, during, and after the sale. Knowing that professional photographers are justifiably the most demanding customer group they serve, and knowing that their repeat business would be essential to their success, they adopted the phrase "The Professional's Source" to describe it's business focus and used it as a promise they are dedicated to keeping. They understand that long - term customer satisfaction depends on the ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service satisfied by the best support systems. And an important part of that support system was the order fulfillment system in full view of the customer and is located at its Ninth Ave. superstore in Manhattan, NY.

B & H sought out the expertise of consultant Ervin Hoffer of Hoftronics Corp. Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Hoffer teamed up with Morteza Mortazi from Intelligent Package Systems (IPS) of Dallas, TX. and Itoh Denki USA to devise a solution to B&H's predicament.

Hoftonics Conveyor System

The answer consisted of removal of the old conveyor system and replacing it with a state of the art zero pressure accumulation conveyor utilizing Itoh Denki's 24-volt DC model PM486FS motorized rollers. The noise reduction was a drastic change along with the clean, safe, efficient benefits of the Power Moller.

Also used were Itoh Denki Right Angle Transfers or RATS. to replace existing pneumatic pushers which where noisy and unsafe. These RATS use Itoh Denki Power Moller components for the lift and transfer operations. These are the same features of our motorized rollers which include quite operation, safe use and dependability. With the new system orders are generate when customers, discussing a product with a sales representative, would like to review the item. The sales representative can then advise the stock room, which is in the lower floor. Product is then placed in plastic totes with its unique bar-code and raised to the showroom via lifts. The product then is conveyed on ZPA conveyor under the sales counter and transferred using the same bar-code identification (which also contains the salespersons location) to the respective sales representative via the Itoh Denki RATS. The customer can then view the product. If it meets with approval, the tote with the product is then conveyed to the checkout / pick up area. After payment the customer can then obtain their merchandise. This allows for an efficient, fast, safe, and secure method of purchasing. It is a daily reminder that B&H gives every customer and every visitor the kind of respect and dependable assistance that would please a professional. Millions of satisfied customers are testimony to the success of their efforts. Itoh Denki USA Inc. is pleased to team up with Hoftronics and IPS to provide B&H a professional conveyor solution.


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